Dave's Tech Shop is located in Pinedale, Wyoming

About Dave's Electronics...
Dave's Tech Shop (also known as Dave's Electronics) is a small operation in Pinedale, Wyoming. Since the spring of 2000 owner and founder Dave Smith has been providing service, repair and custom design/prototyping of all types of audio tube amps. Dave's Tech Shop has been growing at a steady pace due to the demand for specialized tube amp tech's.


Dave’s Tech Shop specializes in custom amps and amp prototyping. Vacuum tube technology is very easy to manipulate and Dave’s Tech Shop can equip anyone with their own customized sound. Be an individual and take your amp to the next level. There’s no limitation.

Dave’s Tech Shop is also a complete source for amp servicing. That old Gipson need some fixin'? Look no Further.

Does You're Amp Need Some Work?

Dave's Tech Shop is fully equipped to work on any amp. Any amp repair is within our capabilities. All you need to do is contact us and tell us what your needs are.

Although we can work on any amp, we specialize it vacuum tube technology. Vacuum tube theory and engineering practices have not been taught in schools for nearly 20 years. Finding a good tech who can service, repair, and modify this equipment can be at best frustrating. Look to Dave's Tech Shop for your tube amp expertise. Our prices are very competitive and we guarantee our work.

Custom Amps

Been Looking for a new sound but can't find it? You've come to the right place. Vacuum tube technology is easily adapted to almost any sonic preference and by far more user friendly than any other type of amplification.

The first step to your custom amp is contacting us. Because there are so many variables and options to a custom amp you will need to talk directly with one of our techs. From there you will be able to ask questions get advice and eventually this will lead to a custom amp!

We don't have set prices on custom amps because of all the variables in a custom amp. We build all our amps from scratch which allows for the most individualized sound. Therefore, each amp is individually priced.